List of Events

Here is a list of event, includes speaker session and other intermediate slots (e.g. lunch):

The intersection between open-source and blockchain: trust and consensus

Blockchain is an emerging industry moving at a lightning pace, even after 10 years since bitcoin was born. It shares a similar philosophy with open-source culture and tried to bring these values into the financial area. This sharing is going to cover why open-source plays an important role in blockchain business as well as how consensus in the community affects the whole industry.

Build and maintain Civil Infrastructure Platform by using open source projects

The Linux Foundation launched the Civil Infrastructure Platform (CIP) project to develop base layer, open source industrial-grade software for civil infrastructure projects, the CIP supports electrical and power grids, railway, shipping, and transportation systems, among other applications that are imperative to human life. Currently, there're several active workgroups in this project, such as Linux kernel, real-time, testing, security, and software update.

Build an API service using Ktor rapidly

Kotlin is not only for mobile development but also for backend (it could be used everywhere actually!). In JetBrains, we build Ktor framework for backend development such as website, API, microservice. In this talk, I will introduce what Ktor is, how to integrated with Exposed SQL library, demonstrate how to build a RESTful API service in just a few lines of code. After listening to this talk, you will learn how to build API with Ktor rapidly.

Decentralized content registry: expanding IPFS functionality with cosmos based blockchain

We are building a general digital content registry called International Standard Content Number (ISCN) which is using the Cosmos-based blockchain to validate and store the registry itself. However, it is not intuitive and easy to use for users to query the registry directly from the blockchain, and now we are riding on the powerful distributed file system InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) to make some plugins to help to distribute the registries globally decentrally and distributed.

MySQL High Availability Deployment Practice

Data is critical to system. Building a reliability system requires a reliable Database Platform. MySQL High Availability with Replication, InnoDB Cluster / NDB Cluster provides the choice of deployment architectures to achieve different Service level (SLA) expectations. The talk will cover the innovation of Today with MySQL replication capabilities including Network communication, Flow control and Data Consistency. The latest ReplicaSet and InnoDB Cluster will be explored.

Rust and WebAssembly powered Microservices

The Rust programming language is Stackoverflow’s most beloved programming language for the past 4 years. As it's adoption reaches beyond alpha developers writing system software, there is a strong demand for using Rust to write web services and applications.

Originally created by Mozilla, Google, Microsoft, and Apple as the next generation code execution engine web browsers, WebAssembly is the ideal execution engine for running Rust applications on the server side.